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N2K: Necronomicon Millennium


Below are details of the two Wargame tournaments being run at Necronomicon Millennium.

Sponsored by Games Workshop Games Workshop

Warhammer 40k
Basic Restrictions
  • 1500 point armies.
  • 'Standard Mission' format, only one chart to be used.
  • Any codex released up to March 2000 may be used. Rulebook army lists may be used for armies with no codex. Space Wolves and Necron may use White Dwarf 'Chapter Approved' army lists. No Rulebook Appendix armies may be used.
  • "Chapter Approved" official modifications to Rulebook Appendix may be used (e.g Tyranid Fleet of Foot, Battle Sister wargear & Sacred Rites)
  • There will be 3 games on the first two days and 2 on the last day. No finals.
  • Players will be judged on game play, sportsmanship, army selection and army painting.
  • All miniatures must be fully painted, fully representative Citadel miniatures - no bare metal or plastic shown.
Aleksandr: - 0418 433 509

A three day tournament will be held on Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd, at Necronomicon, where painting and sportsmanship will be assessed as well as victories. It will be run according to the tournament scenario on pages 34/5 of the battle book, with the following modifications
  • Terrain will not be placed as described, rather it will be pre-placed
  • At least 50% of your army must be regiments and champions
  • Maximum total levels of magic is five
  • Veto rules for magic items will be used
  • Victory points will be the cost of the unit, with standards etc being worth 100
  • Total power, Drain magic and the escape cards will be used as a power card, a dispel card and a wild card respectively
For those without access to the battle book a limited summary has been provided below.

All White Dwarf amendments and new army books etc up to the start of March 2000 will be valid, nothing from the Journals will be however.

Please get your entry forms and army lists in asap.

The Tournament Scenario (Summary)
  • Armies are chosen from the standard lists to 2000 points with the following limits
  • No special characters
  • No unridden large monsters
  • No more than 1 war machine per regiment of troops
  • Wizards have a maximum level of 3, no items etc can improve on this
  • Magic items have a maximum value of 50 points
Will be explained in detail on the day to those who require it but two important points are that there is no special deployment, such troops can be taken but deploy normally, and skirmishers begin the game set up in ranks, they can start to skirmish when they first move.
The game lasts no longer than 2.5 hours, unfinished games are counted as losses for both players. Who goes first? The player who finishes deploying first goes first.
Damian: - 9550 5471
Aleksandr: - 0418 433 509

Cost for either event is $25
Battle take place from Friday 9am.

(Payment for online entry will be collected BEFORE the first game)

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