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N2K: Necronomicon Millennium

D&D Championship

The three D&D tournaments offered at Necronomicon form this year's Dungeons and Dragons championship.
All teams entering all three tournaments are automatically entered in the championship. The performance of all teams entered in the championship will be compared to determine an overall winner. The winning team will receive individual trophies and have their team name engraved on the perpetual trophy. Each of the three tournaments will also award their own prizes.

Five Mad Monks a medieval martial arts monastery

A pocket universe 5 km wide

7 initiates sit down to the morning's green gruel.

Who will be the first to die?

A single-session AD&D murder mystery by Michael Sweet,
for 5 amnesiacs of doubtful mental stability.

Think: Kung Fu

Think: Oki Yoga

Think: Cadfael

Or don't think at all...this is D&D!

The last crusade

Five heroes dwell in a land where magic is common. Once this land was peaceful, but now, a darkness has descended upon it. The woods are thick with hideous beasts and the evil wizard, Solaris, whose heart is blacker than night, is gathering power.

The heroes know they cannot face these threats alone. So they've banded together and made a pact - vowing to stamp out evil there - wherever they may find it, to defend those in need and to protect one another, as well as King and Country.

Not everyone is pleased with the heroes' pact. The evil dragon Vortex longs to strike them down. The dragon hunts the heroes relentlessly, longing for a taste of their flesh. One day soon he will find them and try to engulf them with his fiery breath.

A one-session AD&D system adventure for five bold heroes: A Mighty Warrior, Cunning Wizard, Noble Thief, Mysterious Elf and a Stubborn but Good-Hearted Dwarf.

By David "I'm not chaotic evil, I'm just misunderstood" Wittman.

Welcome Home To
The Greatest Party Of All

An AD&D Adventure
written by Murray C Henstock and Malcolm Walters
for the Purposes of the Colourcon

After many long, hard years of adventuring, you have finally decided to return home for some much needed R&R. You have fought countless monsters, saved hundreds of villages and did smite insurmountable enemies. Now it is time to rest.

As you draw closer to your beloved home, you hear the strange tinkling of music. The closer you get the more you are sure. There is a party going on. A big party. They must have known you were coming. Kicking your steed into a gallop, you race the final distance to the familiar village. Just as you round the last corner, a magnificent sight greets you. The whole town is out. The Carnival has arrived. Prepare for the party of your life.

A single-session AD&D adventure for 4-6 10th level players.
Players select from pre-generated characters. Dice optional.

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