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Short Sharp Shocks

Short Sharp Shocks was originally created as a vehicle for designers to present unusual ideas in a dark fantasy or horror setting. Over the years, it has become associated with a sense of experimentation, intense characterisation and gritty psychological realism. The twelfth series of Short Sharp Shocks is presented this year by Andrew Smith, Claire Seldon and Antti Roppola. Each module will be judged separately, but teams entering all three modules will also be eligible for the Short Sharp Shocks tournament awards and perpetual trophy.

Warning: mood, atmosphere and intensity are the key to these chilling scenarios. The Monsters are within. Short Sharp Shocks will often challenge you - come prepared for the unexpected.
Not recommended for players under sixteen.

Bridget's Dance

Old Earnon still crosses himself when he praises another, to cast the Saviour's shadow between that person's soul and the Folk of the Air. Their hearts are easily vexed to desire, the Folk, and what they desire, they take. Earnon's friends just laugh at him and shake their heads, buy him another Guiness and leave it at that. No-one believes in the Folk.

Bridget O'Hare is a wild, bonny lass whose laughter lights up Glen Car. She dances like the sun playing on the water, her feet bare and her hair tousled by the wind. To know her but a moment is to love her. To love her is to desire her, at least a little.

So say the Folk of the Air.

A Short Sharp Shock for five Irish folk and their Good Neighbours
by Andrew Smith


I won't remember
I can't remember
I deny myself, I deny reality
I deny my pain, I deny the truth
I take drugs to dull my senses
I take drugs to hide from myself

A five player Call of Cthulhu Short Sharp Shock
By Claire Seldon

A tale they wont believe

A single session systemless Cuthulhu for five by Antti

"...History is a pack of lies, as any fool can tell,
So when I got down to Hobart town, I told my story well.
But do you think they would believe one word I said?"
- Michael J. Thomas

"...there were four of us for a feast. Bob Greenhill was the first
who introduced it and said he had seen the like done before and
that it ate much like a little pork."
- John Alexander Pearce.
Macquarie Harbour, 1837

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