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N2K: Necronomicon Millennium

Science Fiction


n. an abnormal fear of being in a confined space

It was just a hole in the ground - at least, that's what it looked like, until you went inside and took a look around. Then you realised someone had gone to great lengths to build this subterranean structure of concrete and steel, and keep it secret. Although you're not entirely sure what it's for, you smell "opportunity" on the wind.
That is, until you meet up with the others. Like you, they stumbled onto this place, Like you, they realise it could be of benefit. Like you, they aren't quite willing to share.
And then the big steel doors to the outside closed and locked. And then the noises started. Noises like claws on metal...

A single-session Systems Failure module for five post-apocalypse drifters with pasts.
Uses the Palladium rules system without MDC
By Robert Farquhar

When the Great Ghost dance had been finished and Magic had returned to the world, the Technocracy's iron grip upon reality had finally been broken. Or so it seemed...
20 years have passed since that great ritual and much has changed - some for the better and some, well, not as good. But the Ascension War continues and the hope that one day the world will Ascend as one burns brighter than before in the darkest of shadows.

Shadow Puppets

A single-session game by Eugene Chan for 5 Shadowrunners who don't mind being the pawns of a global conspiracy with repurcussions for the whole of reality - but then, when isn't it?

Rules will be used to flavour the story only, so knowledge (or lack of it) neither helps nor hinders.

Teardrops in the Rain

What do you want?

What do you need?

In the city nights you work for the highest bidder, but now the highest bid is your past, dragged screaming from it's all-too-shallow grave. Caught in a web of shadow world politics, five men surrender to destiny.

A single session Classic Shadowrun game for five players
A Herbie game, deckmastered by Mikey.

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