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Life in Los Angeles is not easy.

Especially not now.

1 session, 5 players, no system, gritty
A Fuzmo Production (by Mark Seldon)

Genre Manipulations and RPGA presents

Blood on the Bayou

A one-session Living Death Adventure for 5 players, written by Wayne S Melnick

1890 - August - New Orleans, the Vieux Carr - Southern United States of America The area once settled by the French.

A steamy summer's eve enwraps the small southern city. Riverboats move languidly up and down the Mississippi River, plying their trades in legal and illegal gain. Hotels disgorge those who no longer have money and accept those who have yet to be fleeced. Taverns fill and fights break out, people laugh, drink, dance, whore and a few even die. New Orleans, over all, the town, sits peacefully, smelling of magnolias, and waiting...

Your letter with tickets of passage arrived, late one night. A white rose was delivered along with it, fresh, sweet and suddenly cloying. The message read simply:

"New Orleans. Your passage has been arranged. Meet in Kansas City, August 19th, to transfer at the siding. In the old sector, contact Lt. LeFleur." It was signed "Rose".

New Orleans waits for the stain of blood to be cleaned off the cobbled and dirty streets. For the people of New Orleans know that the peace is false, the gaiety is forced and late in the evening there are few who openly walk the streets alone. For something stalks the streets of this bustling traders' town, something hungry and fetid and unnatural - so the negroes and the White Rose say.

Living Death is the RPGA's Convention-based Horror Campaign
Characters are pre-generated and should be arranged by Registration
Character Pre-Generation system is available from:
Craig Walker ( - 0419 220013) and John Grierson (
Living Death information is available on the Web at

The Obliterated

The world's not ending. It's over

a one-session, 5 player Vampire: the Masquerade
by Brian Field

Sands of Death

By Paul McLean

Five Crusaders alone in the desert face unstoppable, evil occult forces. Luckily they all have big swords and true English fighting spirit, ey wot, old chaps?

A one-session Cthulhu adventure for five crusaders and their trusty Squires.
For five players, but can accommodate up to ten.

A Tentacle Full of Needles

As the west was won, the people followed. Poor men and women, hoping to strike it rich in this lawless new land, by any means necessary.

Scrabbling in the dirt and the mines for a chance at wealth, loosing what little they have in the saloons and the night.

A darkly humorous five-player, single session
Call of Cthulhu game by Emma Coen

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