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The Good, the Bad & the Manga

Silver river, date: unknown, time: High Noon

Folks had been comin' into Silver River for years. Sixty years ago, they'd come hearin' tales o' wide-open spaces far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Forty years ago, more of 'em showed up when word spread that there was Silver in the hills. Twenty years ago, the place became a real town, when the Iron Horses lay their tracks here. Now, they're comin' for something else.

"Professor Ezekial Jonah Nightingale's Miracle Elixir"

No-one knows how the old lunatic makes the stuff, no-one knows where he gets his ingredients. All they know is that it brings people back from the dead, it burns better than oil, and it's the strongest liquor this side of anywhere. But Professor Nightingale has vanished. The Law Dogs blame the Preachers, saying that they killed the Professor for dealin' with the Devil. The Mining Company says that the local two-bit bandits abducted the Professor for ransom. The Chinamen try to keep to themselves. All hell is about to break loose if someone can't find the Professor soon.

A 1-session freeform for 20 or more players, in a world where cheatin' is alright as long as you don't get caught, and where honour is determined by the size of your gun.

Based heavily on the card game DOOMTOWN, and the roleplaying game DEADLANDS, with more twists than you can poke a dead rattlesnake at. Rules knowledge is not required and may in fact hinder you through the game. Costuming will be appreciated, but a plethora of props will be supplied.

By David Chandraratnum and Michael Wenman.


By Andrew D. Carter

The Codex of Divine Wisdom declares: "there will always be wars and rumors of wars". Here at Quellbourne, at least, the rumors are over. War has started. Dark forces gather taking opportunities that arise. Brave defenders hold their lands.

The bottom line is this. The Battle for Quellbourne has begun! Ice Kral ships patrol and raid. The Trolls are on the march from their lairs in the mind a good fight. Good communication (manipulative?) skills can be helpful although a sword or bow (or a good back mountains. The followers of Hrassk are expanding their hideous spider cult. The Destroyers of Galtoth are looking for more to obliterate and the Monks of Shaaljin are just...well...just being Monks of Shaaljin. There are rumors the Gnolls have been seen and Dwarves are in the mountains. The people of Kelfour's Landing are digging in. The fight will be fierce and hard.

The Year is 6,050 Third Era. A few months after the liberation of Quellburn.
Another "ISAIAH 61" Game.
A One session FREEFORM/DRAGONQUEST/DIPLOMACY Adventure set in SHADOW WORLD for 15 puzzle solving players who don't stab) does get the message across nicely at times.

Role-playing: Heaps.
Multi Forming: It will be there.
Combat: How else can you kill the bad guys dummy! Poetry at ten paces?
Puzzle/Plot solving: Plenty of opportunity.

Interested? Ring Andon, I mean Andrew "Arch Ensorceler and Enchanter" Carter,
on (02) 96259613 before 9.00 p.m. Reserve Characters Early
and see more Information at our website:

For 50 years Skeletor has ruled Eternia
A prophecy has surfaced
And now it is time for Her heroes to rescue Greyskull in one final Struggle
And fulfill the Prophecy
For Freedom
For Honour
For Greyskull
If they succeed, they must make a great sacrifice
If they fail, then all is lost.
For these are the...

Last Days of Greyskull

A 1-session freeform for 25+ players
By Mark Dunn

The leader of the Martian Colony has absolute authority over everything and everyone in or within reach of the settlement. As a badge of office the Mayor must wear a collar of explosives.

It is a great honour and a great responsibility.

Any adult citizen can go to the city hall and enter the mayor's waiting room, a large, still chamber. In the centre of that chamber is a large, red button on a pedestal. This will send a signal, causing the explosives to detonate. The catch is, that citizen must be the next mayor.

The Mayor of Mars

Total Power - Total Responsibility

A 1-session freeform for 15 players
by Tony Guyot


The Civil War's been dragging on for too long. The governments of the North and South are secretly meeting to try to work out a cease-fire. Mexico has come as well, for its own reasons. The meeting is being held on the Mississippi Queen, a riverboat renowned for its luxury, not to mention its gambling tables.

Of course, there is more going on than is first suspected.

A 1-session 20 player freeform by Robert Prior

War and Peace Profit

Dear Sir/Madam
Your attendance is requested for peace talks on the warring Planet Roa. In light of the recent carnage, the United Universal Forces will be holding this summit to end the unnecessary slaughter.

Please arrive early for crumpets and tea

A Machiavellian oddball freeform of space age proportions for 20+ players
By Jason Coomans and Grant Camphuisen

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