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N2K: Necronomicon Millennium


Seek for the Sword that was broken:

The Ashes of Lorien

In Imladris it dwells;
There shall be counsels taken,
Stronger than morgul-spells.
There shall be shown a token
That Doom is near at hand,
For Isuldur's Bane shall waken,
And ashes cover the land.

In the year that the White Council last met, a fellowship of thirteen dwarves awakened and roused to anger Smaug, Dragon of the Lonely Mountain. Even as the Necromancer was driven out of Mirkwood he made offers to the Dragon, bringing Smaug into an alliance with Mordor.
Now Sauron is revealed, and the shadow of his army falls upon the East and the North. Goblins and Ringwraiths assault Eriador, and the golden-red Dragon scorches the earth.
In the ashes of Lorien, two Wizards, two Elves and a Man have met. It is their desperate ploy that may save Middle-Earth from Sauron's dominion.

A two-session fantasy for 5 players by James O'Rance (with respect to JRR Tolkien)
Players may choose their preferred game system from those offered,
or opt for a rules-light style of play.

Mask of the Red Herring

By Andrew Callaghan

1943: A world at war. America sends its best, its brightest, its strongest to Europe to help defend against the Nazis overwhelming the continent. This is the story of those unfortunates left to defend the home front.

Mask of the Red Herring is a single session semi-systemless adventure by for 5 wannabe superheroes keeping America safe for Americanness everywhere.

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