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N2K: Necronomicon Millennium

Information - What is... ?

If you've never been to a roleplaying convention before:
We're betting you're a roleplayer but don't know much about conventions ("cons"). At cons we play games written beforehand by our willing and talented authors. They not only provide the games, but the Game Masters as well. You get to play (if you'd like to write that's easy too - just talk to the organisers during the con and we'll see about next time). All games come with pre-generated characters.

The games on offer are described in the following pages. Each game has a blurb which indicate number of players, number of sessions, system, author and a brief description.. You simply read through all the blurbs and decide what you'd like to play. Then just fill out the entry form and send it to us (with the entry fee). We will schedule you into your selected events. Time at the convention is divided into three-hour long sessions - most games take only one session. If you can only attend some of the sessions, just let us know.

You can enter as a full team, by yourself or as any sized group. On the Thursday night (20 April, 2000) is Registration, when you can collect your schedule for the weekend. Some designers also hand out character sheets at this time. After that, all you have to do is turn up and have fun.
If you've never been to Necronomicon before:
Necronomicon is a roleplaying convention that promotes diversity and creativity within the roleplaying community, and tries to offer innovative games for player consumption. Necronomicon is run by a non-profit organisation called Shadow Games.
If you have been to Necronomicon before and are confused by the dates:
As some of you may know, Necro normally runs over the Labour Day long weekend, in October. Sydcon has traditionally been the Easter con but, due to a certain lack of consideration on behalf of SOCOG (no surprise there, I suppose we didn't provide enough 'inducements') these two illustrious Conventions have decided to combine for one year only. We feel assured of presenting you with a first rate con. Necronomicon XII:Millennium is being presented with the assistance of the SydCon organisers. SydCon will return bigger and better in "SydCon 2001:Whoo!"
This bit's for everyone:
This year we though it night be enjoyable to put on a few Educational and Entertaining Events, for those of you who seem to find yourselves in the mood. These EEEs shall take the form of free Dramatic workshops and games, with Professional Drama teachers. Sort of a warm up for a hard day's gaming. They will be held Saturday and Sunday at lunchtimes and can involve as much or as little participation as each individual likes. If you or your team would like to be involved, no registration is required but could you please tick the box on the entry form, so we have some measure of likely audiences.
We hope you enjoy your weekend.
How to contact the organisers
Should you have any queries, or any difficulties before the Convention, please feel free to contact the organisers; Craig on (02) 9564 5800 or Aleksandr on 0418 433 509 or email us on Contact the Organisers. During the con, we shall be stationed in the foyer of C Block. Our names and details are at the back of this booklet.