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Below is a list of the games collected for Necronomicon Revolution, 2005. See the full list of games, browse the categories or look at individual blurbs.
Game Designer Category Players Sessions
Back to Paranoia Barry Dismorr Science Fiction 5 1
Conan: Tomb of the Ancestor Gavin Lucan Fantasy 5 1
Crouching Alien, Hidden Queen David Bofinger, Peter Eisler Science Fiction 3-6 1
Damsel in Distress David Byrne Science Fiction 5 1
Dangerous Times Monty Science Fiction 5 1
The Dead Lands Mark Seldon Horror/Supernatural 5 1
The Death and Life of Godzilla Matt Cramsie Freeform 15 1
Die With Honor v2.4 Salvatore Conti Fantasy 5-7 1
Doomstadt Ablaze! Ben Hilton Freeform 30 1
Fire and Ashes Penelope O'Rance Freeform 15 1
GotD: The Sealing Begins! ISAIAH 61: DQuell Productions Fantasy 5-6 1
Hi Five - A Bard's Tale David Springbett Fantasy 5 1
Into the Cauldron Boots Modern 5 1
Little Fears Doug Stalker Horror/Supernatural 5 1
Living Death - White Lies RPGA Horror/Supernatural 4-6 1
Living Greyhawk - Coopers vs Coblers! RPGA Fantasy 4-6 2
Living Greyhawk - Core Module RPGA Fantasy 4-6 2
Living Greyhawk - Iuz Meta Regional RPGA Fantasy 4-6 2
Living Greyhawk - PER5-02 Hell's Gloom RPGA Fantasy 4-6 2
The Quick and the Dragon Brian Field Freeform 16 1
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - The Final Chapter David Vega Modern 5-6 2
The Shadow Play James Orance Freeform 25 2
Suckers Stephen ‘Pike’ Brewer Horror/Supernatural 5 1
Talkies Rhiannon Donaldson Freeform 20 1
Uzi Suzy & The Bad Chi's, Episode 3: Hot Iron Joe Sweeney Modern 4-5 1
Zombies Zombies Zombies! Cremaine Horror/Supernatural 5 1
CCG/CMG Schedule Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG - 1
A Games of Thrones Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG 1
Call Of Cthulhu Alternete Worlds CCG/CMG 1
Hero Clix Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG 1
Highlander Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG 1
Legend of the Five Rings Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG 1
Mage Knight Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG 1
Mechwarrior: Dark Age Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG 1
Mythos Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG 1
Myths and Legends CCG Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG 1
Pirates of the Spanish Main CSG Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG 1
Spycraft CCG Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG 1
Vs. (Marvel/DC) CCG Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG 1
Yu-Gi-Oh! Alternate Worlds CCG/CMG 1
players Number of players required for the game.
sessions Number of sessions per team.
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