Necronomicon 13: September/October 2001
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Game Designer Category
All Roads Lead to Sunnydale Murray Atkinson & Richard Warner Horror
Black Town Fuzmo (Mark Seldon) Sci-Fi
Brave New Wold Ben Hilton Freeform
Buffy: The Vampire Freeform Matt Kameron & Ben Fredericks IVC
Clay-O-Rama Hobbit Special
Cult Status Mathew Sforcina IVC
A Dark Council Boots Freeform
Die with Honour Haaahahah Version 1.04 Salvatore Conti D&D
The Eternal Champion: Requiem David Byrne Fantasy
Hearts in Darkness Stephen "Pike" Brewer SSS
Honour and The Game Rob Farquhar Sci-Fi
In Search of Heresy David and Galen, "The Sitting Gargoyles" D&D
In what dark soil? Emma Coen Horror
It's All Good Stacey, Tanith, and Sab Freeform
Kasabana Sam Hughes Horror
The Legacy of the Sea Drake Andrew D. Carter Fantasy
Meaner Creatures States of Imagination D&D
Of Vice and Men Keiran Sparksman D&D
Rustmonster Stole My Baby James Layton D&D
Scooby-Doo The Freeform Jaime Lawrence, Jason Lawrence & Benji Davis IVC
Seeking Nak-Tar'een Mike Gibling & Matt Kameron Freeform
Short Sharp Shock Therapy James O'Rance SSS
Sin City James Layton Freeform
Survivor Michael Corbin Horror
Telomere Claire Seldon and Ravi Sci-Fi
The Money or XP Mark Philp Freeform
The Trouble Shooters of Penzance Quadrant pollyanna Comedy
When Blood Runs Cold Craig Walker & John Grierson Horror

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