Necronomicon 13: September/October 2001
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Short Sharp Shocks (SSS)
Short Sharp Shocks were originally created as vehicles for designers to present unusual ideas in a dark fantasy or horror setting. Over the years they have become associated with a sense of experimentation, intense characterisation and gritty psychological realism. These games will challenge you, so be prepared.
Inter-Varsity Challenge (IVC)
These are the games chosen by Sutekh, Murps and UNSW Gamers to represent them in the Inter-Varsity Challenge. Written by members of the gaming club at each university, these games cover a range of styles (in fact, this year one is a freeform). The game which is voted to be the best, by players, wins for its uni the Inter-Varsity Trophy.
Freeforms involve a large number of players (usually 15 - 20, but larger groups have been run). In freeforms, the characters move around the room and interact without direct GM contact. There are usually strong elements of private plotting and information gathering, rather than combat.
Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)
D&D is one of the most popular fantasy games systems around, placing heroic characters in worlds of magic and myths. These games will use 3rd edition rules.
The games in the comedy category have strong elements of comedy, ranging from subtle satire to cartoon-style slapstick.
Fantasy encompasses games with strong elements of magic, sword play, legends, etc.
Science-fiction (Sci-Fi)
Science-fiction games are set current/future with a strong emphasis on technology, science, space, on other worlds, and the rest of this genre.
The games classed under horror cover a number of settings and game systems, but they all have leanings towards darkness, fear and nasty things lurking...

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